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KISS & Related TV Appearances & Movies

KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park
Aired: October 28, 1978 on NBC
Video: Worldvision (1982)
    Directed by: Gordon Hessler
    Produced by: Terry Morse, Jr.
Co-staring: Anthony Zebre, Deborah Ryan, Terry Webster, and Carmine Caridi

Young Doctors In Love
    Directed by:
    Produced by:
Paul Stanley in short appearence as a rock star who had choked on his microphone. This scene was later cut from the final edit...

Released: December 1984
Video: RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video(USA, 1985)
    Character Played: Luther
    Directed by: Michael Crichton
    Produced by: Michael Rachmil
Co-staring: Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes, Kirstie Alley and Stan Shaw...

Miami Vice: The Prodigal Son
Aired: September 27, 1985 on NBC
Video: Columbia House 0210708-S (USA, 1997), also released on LD
    Directed by: Paul Michael Glaser
    Produced by: John Nicolella
    Written by: Daniel Pyne
Staring: Don Johnson , Philip Michael Thomas , Edward James Olmos , Penn Jillette , Pam Grier, and Gene! This was the first episode of the second series of the fantastic Miami cop show a special 2-hour TV Movie...

The Hitchhiker: O.D. Fellin'
    Directed by: ?
    Produced by: ?
Originally broadcast on the HBO channel...

[Vid Shot!] Never Too Young To Die
Released: Summer 1986
Video: Charter International 8258-90046-3 (USA, 1987)
    Character Played: Carruthers (FBI Agent) & Velvet Von Ragner (Evil Hermaphrodite)
    Directed by: Gill Bettman
    Produced by: Steven Paul
    Co-staring: John Stamos & Vanity
Gene plays both Ragnor, the hermaphrodite, and a FBI agent, and performs a song during the film, "It Takes A Man Like Me To Be A Woman Like Me". Sort of Purple Rain meets Mad Max! Terrible film, IMO!

Trick Or Treat
Released: November 1986
Video: (1988)
    Character Played: Nuke
    Directed by: Charles Martin Smith
    Produced by: Michael S. Murphey, Michael S. Murphy & Joel Soisson
    Co-staring: Ozzy Osbourne, Marc Price, Tony Dean Fields & Lisa Orgolini
Very short appearance by Gene.

Wanted: Dead Or Alive
Released: December 1986
Video: New World Video A86230 (USA, 1990)
    Character Played: Malak Al Rahim (Terrorist)
    Directed by: Gary Sherman
    Produced by: Robert C. Peters
Co-staring: Rutger Hauer, William Russ, and Robert Guillaume

The Decline Of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years
Released: 1988
    Directed by: Penelope Spheeris
    Produced by: Paul Colichman & Miles A. Copeland III
    Co-staring: Lots of 80's hair-band people!
Brief cameo by Gene (and Paul). Gene get's on the OST with a one-liner...

The Return Of Bruno
Released: 1988, Japan
    Directed by: ?
    Produced by: ?
    Staring: John Bon Jovi, Bill Graham, Elton John, Bruce Willis, Dick Clark, Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons...
Apparently, a rock comedy....

Red Surf
Released: 1990
    Character Played: Doc (Drug Dealer)
    Directed by: H. Gordon Boos
    Produced by: Richard C. Weinman
    Co-staring: George Clooney & DeDee Pfeiffer
Very brief Gene cameo appearance...

Playboy Celebrity Centerfold: Shannon Tweed
Video: 1996
    Directed by: ?
    Produced by: ?
    Gene appears...

Millenium: Thirteen Years On...
Aired: October 30, 1998 on FOX
Rebroadcast: January 29, 1999 on FOX
Video: n/a
    Directed by: Thomas J. Wright
    Produced by: ?
    Written by: Michael Perry
Episode 50 of the Millenium show which features all of the members of KISS both in and out of makeup.

MAD TV: Episode #406
Aired: October 31, 1998
    Directed by: Paul Miller
    Produced by: James Jones
KISS are special guests...

Detroit Rock City
Released: August 1999
Video: n/a
    Directed by: Adam Rifkin
    Produced by: ?
    Staring: Edward Furlong, Sam Huntington, James De Bello, Guiseppe Andrews, David Quane, Natasha Lyonne, Melanie Lynsky. Also Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter, and Pamela Bowen...