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Tickets from 160+ KISS Shows, 1974-2001

[Charleston, [Carbondale, [Rosemont, [Nashville, [Birmingham]" [Vancouver, [Porto [Buenos [Moscow]" [Moscow]" [Wembley [Sports []" []" []" [Nashville, [Nashville, []" [The [Chicago]" [Milwauke]" [Rockford]" [Omaha, [Minneapolis]" [Indianapolis]" [Terra [Dayton]" [Charleston]" [Cleveland, [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Dodger [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Nashville]" [Buenos [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Madrid, [Birmingham [Irving [Image]" [Birmingham]" [MTV [LA [Milwaukee, [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [St [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Blazefest, [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Nashville]" [E. [Birmingham [Birmingham [Brooklyn, [Atlanta, [Ashville, [Huntsville, [Greenville, [Atlanta, [E. [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Cape [Alpine [Image]" [Image]" [Las [Atlanta]" [Image]" [Nassau]" [Cleveland]" [Kiel]" [E. [Image]" [Springfield]" [Carbondale]" [St. [San [Los [Las [San [Image]" [Stafford, [Image]" [Image]" [Lakeland, [Image]" [Essen, [Paris, [Leeds, [Las [Beaumont, [San [Kansas [Image]" [Chatanooga, [Rochester, [Sydney]" [Melbourne]" [Stafford]" [Image]" [Melbourne, [Huntsville]" [Biloxi]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Baton [Nashville]" [MSG, [MSG, [Atlanta, [Greenville, [Charlotte, [Lakeland, [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Chicago]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Image]" [Ft. [Ft. [Houston, [Image]" [MSG, [Bloomington]" [Largo, [Huntsville, [Ft. [Image]" [Image]" [Toledo, [Image]" [Birmingham, [Lakeland, [Image]" [Hunntington, [Image]" [Upper [Image]" [Detroit,

Thanks to contributions from MK, KISSProf, KISSOnline.net (several PC), Otaku (Mike Lavoie's collection: 7; Bill Starkey's Collection: 5; And numerous others!), Michael Z, Pasqualee's Ticket Stubs (1), Roger Nilsson (1), Lynn's KISS Dominion (11), Leonardo (3.14.97 & 4/99), Robert Holmes (3/1/83),

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