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Contributors to the KISSFAQ

Without contributions the KISSFAQ can't be all that it can be, so thanks to these fans for sharing information, scans, or correcting details. Some of these go way back, in fact, some of the contributions have long been replaced with other scans or information, still, the help was very much appreciated.

Thanks to NickSkull for designing the 2008 KISSFAQ Logo - great job!

Thanks to Alex Carranza - The original F.A.Q. Webmaster.
And to Hunter Goatley, Andreas Hjarpne and Eskil Nordhaug who assisted Alex in writing version 1 and to Hunter (again), Stephen Gorny and Mark Kennedy for their assistance (to Alex) for version 2.

To Steve Stierwalt, Jr., of KISSFREAKS, who once so graciously hosted the KISSFAQ II; Chris White, of KISS Asylum, who had offered to host the site around that time; and to Mike Brandvold of KISS Otaku/KISS Online.

Thanks to Tom Randall for clarification about St. John playing Poughkeepsie '84 and date of Roosevelt Stadium '76.

Thanks to Alvaro M. Sanchez Campos for details about the Mexican Greatest KISS.

Thanks to Steve Stierwalt, Jr., for the scan of the Union promo CD.

Thanks to the Site Of Blood website for the scan of "Return To Casablanca Volume 1" album.

Thanks to SlipOfLip for info concening the AC/DC tribute album with Bruce Kulick/John Corabi involvement.

Thanks to Gabriel Ravarini of KISS Fever On-Line for use of the cover scan and information for the Argentine tribute, "Gritalo Fuerte".

Thanks to Jelle Jansen for scans of Frehley's Comet "Into The Night", the Dutch "Rock And Roll All Nite" (2, Live and reissue), and for all the Vinnie Vincent Invasion singles covers, plus info on Peter Criss singles. Plus the French covers for "Calling Dr. Love", "Shout It Out Loud", "Christine Sixteen", and "Rocket Ride" and the German covers for "Calling Dr Love", "Hard Luck Woman", "Love Gun" and "Rocket Ride"... Plus, numerous other bits of information. This chap has been a great contributor! Check out his website at: KISS Related Recordings where you'll find tons of information about KISS songs which have been covered, and songs co-written by KISS members amoungst other things. He also continues to contribute numerous German, French, Italian, and Dutch singles covers and information! Tons of 'em!!

Thanks to Marin Racic for corrections to concert dates: "The venue you've got listed isn't correct: due to poor ticket sales of only approx 4000 tickets were sold) the show was rescheduled to Petofi Park, not Margaret Isle".

Thanks to Kman for corrections and additions to the Vinnie Vincent Discography.

Thanks to MKissed for tour dates & cool ticket and advert scan.

Thanks to MDG77n7 for the details on the Greg Chaisson album (song titles and Eric's participation).

Thanks to Bryan for the scans of the Solo Album posters.

Thanks to George (aka DiMe) for the Album details for Tod Howarth's "Silhouette", track times for Tod Howarth's "Cobalt Parlor" and Richie Scarlet's "Wise Guy From New York". Also Track time & release code for "Return Of The Comet" & Wiseguy...

Thanks to TurboRobb for the Alive III DRC Promo CD scan!

Big thanks to Adrian Lighezzolo for the scans of the Australian 1995 Tour Alive Series Bonus EP, and the Special Edition Alive!. Great stuff! Also for the Australian Tour 95 tourbook cover.

Loaded Deck cover by Justin Sobanski from the KISS Asylum.

Whoa... quite a few really cool scans came from KISS: Eulenspiegel's Kiss Collector. These include the Argentine Hotter Than Hell, Japanese Solo Picture Discs, Turkish Elder, South African Best Of The Solos & Harld Luck Woman, Bolivian Shandi & Talk To Me, Portugese Kissin' Time & C'Mon And Love Me, Chilean Alive Part II, Argentine Part 1 ALive!, and the Head bootleg picture disc... I think that covers it!

Member graphics (exc. Bruce & Eric Singer) from original photos/scans at Lynn's KISS Dominion, by Ken Swanger.

Miyagi's Website ( - scans of COTN Glow vinyl, Turn on the night and CCN pix discs.

Rob Choate - Please see the Rare & Exposed link below. This guy has some of the coolest collectible scans on the net. Visit his site and check out the uncompressed large size scans which have been editted for inclusion in the F.A.Q. The scans from his site: The Originals II masks & obi only, Argentine RARO, RARO Promo Sampler, Japanese RARO Gatefold, Japanese Elder, Japanese Lick It Up paper sleeve, Unmasked multi-color vinyl from Mexico, O' Rock De KISS, the UK solo album singles covers for Ace & Peter, Casablanca Fair, French What Makes The World Go Round , The Ace Frehley Solo album pix disc from Japan. And Rise To It, LPTXIS promo CD Singles.

KISS Otaku for the scan of the Mexican Killers. And Doro Cover, Paul Dean Cover. Plus the Japanese tribute album, "JIGOKU NO SHOSAN" cover.

Got2Chuz - for the great scans of Hard Goods, Lyn Christopher, MCA Sound Conspiracy, Return To Casablanca, Best Of The Solos, Sean Delaney, Brazil Box, Alive Trilogy, Summer Tour Album, Crazy Joe, and Chelsea!

Pete Hawes - for info about the Good Rats Great American Music album, scans of it's covers, scans of the Smell The Fuzz and German Spacewalk covers and for the Caroline Imports Videos covers. And for Superstar scans and info! And Hide Your Heart PD. And for the Criss picture disc scan!

Bonemachine & Got2Chuz - for info about the MCA Sound Conspiracy album.

Aceboy5821 - for corrections concerning Vinnie's albums and song writing credits for White Tiger and Cat #1. And more detils about Richie Scarlet's album.

Moonman - for details about "From The Casbah".

Brian1 - for spotting the stupidly sloppy lack of a background color on the pages!

T-Bone - for spotting some typos in the chronology.

Marthino Junior - for Brazilian info.

Shari Custer-Poza - KISS In Japan site used to feature all of the Japanese 7" singles cover scans, and loads of information about Japanese collectibles. This site has gone, but the content has been moved to Otaku.

Mark Finfrock - For the Hotter Than Metal scans.

Eduardo Malvido and Quico Riojas - for the details on the rare Mexican albums, and the descriptions, pluse the scans of Felicidades '81, 30 Anos De Musica Rock Salvat, Con Todo El Poder De La Musica, Premesido '78, Disco Poster, and I Was Made For Lovin' You EP!

Dale - many thanks for the info on Penridge Alliance and clarification on details about Lyn Christopher and Wicked Lester! Plenty of info and clarification of detail is from his books, Black Diamond & Black Diamond 2, is also incorporated - too numerous to mention all.

Doug Smith for corrections to tour dates and additional details.

Tate Skinner for corrections to tour dates.

Roney Lundell for corrections to tour dates and additional details.

Rick Reese for scans of the Nightbird and 13 Musical Biographies covers, and the Japanese Guitar Techniques LP.

Antti Iiskola for scan of 2/26/99 Finish concert add.

James Whittaker for information on KISS' costume designers.