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Spotlights (And Lonely Nights)

"Spotlights (And Lonely Nights)" is the only known out-take/demo from Peter Criss' solo album recording sessions. According to Peter: "It never got released. Sean Delaney is the only person I know who has it. What a great song that was, but people thought it was too depressing so the Company never released it" (KISS Army International via LF#80). But with lyrics like "Spotlights, and lonely nights / It's just a game I'm in / Wake up, in the morning / And I wonder, when will I see you again / And those rock and roll bars / And limousine cars / Just want somebody to hold / I don't need no friend with a helpin' hand / I don't need no drink, to help me pretend I'm alone," over a manic monotone piano key, it's not too surprising it was left off.

Simply put it was too graphical in a dark way for what KISS' audience were becoming. Even Peter admitted, "It was about how unglorified this life is. It was getting into this world, into this business, and then becoming a hopeless alcoholic or a drug addict, because it makes you that way, it turns you into an animal. The song had deep, deep lyrics" (Curt Gooch w/ Peter Criss, Firehouse #71). Perhaps, considering where Peter was heading in 1978 it was too ironic, regardless of what the record label thought. Sean released the song on his 1979 album "Highway" (recorded in the latter half of 1978 while Sean was helping record demos for Peter). The version of the song recorded by Sean credits Richard T. Bear on piano, making it likely that Richard also plays on the demo with Peter's vocals since the backing tracks seem identical.

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