This page covers the equipment used by KISS. In brackets are notes color combinations Body/Pickguard).

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Paul Stanley:
- (1973-4) Charlie LeBou custom "Gibson-style" (brown/black; similar to Gene's bass)

- (1973-4) Charlie LeBou custom Flying V (black; stolen during HTH sessions)

- (1975-?) Gibson "Maruader" for smashing on stage (never played)

- (1975-6) Gibson "Midnight Special"
- (1976) Gibson "Explorer" (white/white)
- (1977-80) Ibanez PS-10

Paul's custom gutiar was based on the Ibanez Artist 2663 "Iceman."
- (1979) Hamer "Standard" (black/black; Explorer-type body)
- (1979-80) Ibanez PS-10 "Mirror Ball" model

- (1982-5) BC Rich "Eagle" leopard print

- (1982) Jackson "Explorer"
- (1985) BC Rich "Warlock"
- (1987) Steinberger (Black/Yellow "Body Glove")
- (1988) Steinberger (White/Red "Body Glove")
- (1990-95) Gibson Chet Atkins Electro/Acoustic 12-string

- (1995) Takamine 12-string FP 400SC
For HLW during Unplugged.
- (1995-98) Gibson Harley Davidson HD-LTD Acoustic Guitar
- (1996-7) Ibanez PS-20 IC1000BK Reissue w/ 20th Anniversary fret inlay
These guitars were originally manufactured 1992/3.
- (2000-1) Washburn Paul Stanley PS2000CRB

Ace Frehley:
- (1972) Gibson Firebird 1
Ace auditioned for KISS with a Gibson Firebird "with a single pickup and banjo tuning pegs" (Guitar World).
- (1973) Epiphone "Coronet" (Cherry/White)

Probably a 1960-62 model with symmetrical pickguard and symmetrical body.
- (1973) Ovation "Breadwinner" (White/White)

- (1973-4) Gibson Les Paul (Tobacco Sunburst/White)

- (1974-5) Gibson Les Paul (Cherry Sunburst/White)

- (1975-6) Gibson Les Paul (Black/-)

Ace took his custom Les Paul and made it a 3 pick-up guitar.

- (1975-6) Ibanez "Explorer" (Brown/White)

- (1976) Ibanez "Explorer" (Brown/Black)
- (1979-80) Steve Carr custom "Flasher" Gibson Les Paul TV (Lighted)
- (1979-82) Steve Carr custom Ibanez "Mini-Explorer" (Cherry Sunburst)

- (1981) DaVoli Bikini with integrated amp
- (1985) Roland G-707
In some of his first "unmasked" interviews, Ace was pictured with this guitar synthesizer.

- (1986/7) Washburn AF-40V

Used in the "Into The Night" video only. This guitar was available in white and red trim, but Ace was only pictured with the white-trim model. Constructed of basswood, the guitar had a maple neck and two-octave carbonite fretboard. Featured Washburn "Wonderbar" tremolo system and Washburn Eliminator-series humbucker pick-up. Apparently notoriously difficult to keep this guitar in tune.
- (1995) Epiphone PR7-E Electro/Acoustic
Used for the "MTV Unplugged" session.

Gene Simmons:
- (1973-4) Charlie LeBou custom "Gibson-style" (brown/black; similar to Paul's guitar at the time)

- (1978) Aria Pro II 12-string acoustic guitar as 6-string
- (1995) Kramer Ferrington Electro/Acoustic Bass
Also used for the "MTV Unplugged" session.
- (1998) Music Man Stingray electric bass (PC Sessions)

Vinnie Vincent:
- (1986-9) Jackson Double-offset Flying V (Pink)
Vinnie's custom "Pink" guitar based on the Randy Rhoads Flying V. Vinnie later had a version in gold.

Mark St. John:

Bruce Kulick:
- (1995) Ovation Model #1868 Elite Electro/Acoustic Guitar

Tommy Thayer: