H    O    W           M    A    N    Y    ?           H    O    W           R    A    R    E    ?    ?

Defining rarity is often a difficult proposition. Defining the price that goes along with such a measurement is more difficult, so the definition of "How much is it worth?" is usually best offered by one of two answers: 1) It's worth as much as a buyer is willing to pay for an item, or; 2) It's worth as much as you're willing to sell the item for. The purpose of this section of the FAQ is to quantify (and kill off some fake rarities) how many of a particular item was made. This list should grow. The information comes from record label memos, production orders, and press releases. I you have something to contribute, please provide documentary evidence. This list should grow...

UK Issues:
  • "2,000 Man" b/w "I Was Made For Lovin' You" & "Sure Know Something" 7" Single w/ Picture Sleeve - 10,000 copies issued.
  • "A World Without Heroes" b/w "Mr. Blackwell" 7" Single w/ Picture Sleeve - 7,500 copies issued.
  • "A World Without Heroes" b/w "Mr. Blackwell" 7" Picture Disc - 10,000 copies issued.
    ** Yes, the picture disc is more common than the regular single!
  • "Creatures Of The Night" / "Rock And Roll All Nite (Live)" Double-groove etched autographed B-side 12" single - 20,000 copies issued.
  • "Lick It Up" b/w "Not For The Innocent" Tank shaped picture disc - 12,000 copies issued.
  • "Tears Are Falling" 7" & 12" single with sticker - 10,000 copies.
  • "Forever" b/w "The Street Giveth..." 7" single w/ Picture Sleeve & Patch - 7,500 copies issued.
  • "Forever" / "The Street Giveth..." b/w "Deuce (Demo)" / "Strutter (Demo)" 12" gatefold single - 7,500 copies issued.

    USA Issues:
  • "First KISS, Last Licks" promotional compilation LP - 800 copies issued.
  • "First KISS" promotional CD bubble pack - 1,000 copies issued.
  • "Universal Presents: Gimme KISS" promotional cassette - ~500 copies issued.
  • "KISS ALIVE The Trilogy" CD box set - 1,000 copies issued.
  • "DONNAS: Strutter" b/w "KISS: Detroit Rock City" clear vinyl 7" single w/ picture sleeve - 5,000 copies issued.