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Ain't None Of Your Business (Demo, 1975)

"Ain't None Of Your Business" is one of the earliest unreleased tracks to yet surface and was a song brought by Bob Ezrin to the sessions. Legend has it that he was unsure about what sort of material the band would have ready. The song was written by Becky Hobbs and Lew Anderson, a country song-writing partnership, rather than the long-rumored Michael Des Barres, and demoed with Peter Criss on lead vocals. While it wasn't used by KISS, the song was recorded by Michael Des Barres' band Detective in May 1977 and released on their self-titled debut album (Swan Song SS-8417). Interestingly, it would be one of four songs on that album produced by Jimmy Page using the pseudonym Jimmy Robinson. Ponderous with its slow, heavy throbbing, pulsing, and thunderous rhythm section, the song was very un-KISS like.

With its C&W roots the song was not suited for the band's style, though Peter seems to have enjoyed the angry, manic, and generally shouted lyrics which seem more like a primal therapy session. One might also wonder about just how unsure Bob was of the band with the very slow chord progressions and overall simplicity of the song. The song's lyrics certainly work nicely within the context of the relationship between Peter and Gene and Paul: "Don't ask me where I was last night / It ain't none of your concern / Who I see, and what I do // Ain't none of your ... // If you wanna make something out of nothing / Let your imagination be your guide / Sticking your nose, where it ain't wanted;" and the break of the song: "Let me put it straight to you / There ain't nothing you can do / I will be what I will be / With your checkin' on me."

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