The BLACK DIAMOND 1 & 2 Correction Page

When writing anything whatsoever the occasional typo pops up. And when researching a comprehensive guide like Dale Sherman's Black Diamond 2, the occasional error may crop up. I love the guide that Dale has produced, as it covers a broad spectrum of material which is useful both the the collector and the casual fan who may just be interested in finding out what albums and videos are available. The book is chock full of information, and if you don't already own it, I strongly suggest you get it! What follows here is a correction page for some of the errors which appear in the book, none of which are "disasterous", but as I was particularly bored tonight I thought I'd list the ones I spotted. I certainly hope that no one is offended by this, as such is not my intention, nor is it my intent to be classified as a pedant forevermore! Some details are added which hadn't happened when the book was published!

Recently Dale forwarded some corrections/clarifications on BD1 for inclusion here, so I guess that he didn't find the concept too presumptuous (though I hear the hit squads are out!0)!.

Black Diamond
Black Diamond 2