Crazy Joe Renda and the Variable Speed Band (front) Crazy Joe Renda and the Variable Speed Band (back)
Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band

Released : 1981
Produced by : Crazy Joe Renda
Time : 34:12

01 Eugene (4:11) Renda/Frehley
02 Buzz Me (2:47) Renda
03 A Gay Ranchero (4:05) Tuvium/Luban
04 You (3:23) Renda
05 Ugga Ugga Boo (4:25) Renda
06 Little Puffies (4:21) Renda
07 Ice Cream (2:58) Buzzeo
08 Stranded In The Jungle (3:26) Curry/Smith/Johnson
09 Madam Palm (3:11) Renda
10 Blow Up (1:40) Renda

NBLP-7254) released 1981 by Casablanca Records

USA : Casablanca Records / Polygram - LP - NBLP-7254

musicians :
"Crazy Joe" Renda (lead vocals/keyboards)
Kat McCord (vocals)
John Regan (bass)
Ed Monteleone (guitars)
Claude Lehenaff (drums/percussion)
Rob Sabino (organ/piano on track 05; synthesizers on track 07)
Diane Scanlon (background vocals on tracks 01, 03 & 07)
Ace Frehley (syndrums on track 01)
John Platania (guitar effects on track 01)
Chris Cassonne (background vocals on track 03; talk box on track 09)
Mike Hunt (sax solo on track 06)
Gary Axelbank (radio announcer on track 06)

Engineered by Chris Cassone. Recorded and Mixed at North Lake Sound, N. White Plains, N.Y. except for "Eugene" Mixed by John Nagy at The Mixing Lab.

Produced by "Crazy Joe" Renda for Mumbo Productions, except "Eugene" Co-produced by "Crazy Joe" Renda and Ace Frehley. 
Musical Arrangements by: John Regan and Ed Monteleone. 
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York, N.Y., by Greg Calbi.

John Regan is a member of the band playing bass and Rob Sabino appears on two tracks.

The promotional 12" inch extended remix version of the Ace Frehley related song "Eugene" runs 5:17, which is 1:16 longer than the album version.

- Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band (1981 - front cover - large)
- Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band (1981 - rear cover - large)

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