The KissFAQ

3rd Edition, Volume 1, Corrigendum


In the introduction to the KISS Album Focus I stated, "In a work of this scope there is always the possibility (probability) that errors and/or inaccuracies have slipped past my proof-reading and continuous revision". Sometimes, no matter how much work has gone into the research and revision process, shit happens! Next to the page number are three different denominators: (SC) - Softcover; (HBI) - Hardbound, Illustrated (also available as a softcover)... There were two print runs of the KISSFAQ softcover edition, only 100 copies of the first printing which has the last page of the book reversed (page 480, blank page, then page 481). This was corrected on the second printing, though no other changes were made to the work. The illustrated versions of the book have a couple of minor changes, predominantly in terms of formatting, in addition to the illustrations.