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27.01. Crazy Crazy Nights
During early 1987 Paul mentioned in some interviews that he was writing material for the next KISS album using keyboards. This was an omen for many, and for a band which had written much of their material during their classic era on acoustic guitars. One of these tracks was "Crazy Crazy Nights," a song that was intended to be the album's leadoff single long before the band had entered the studios to record the album. As was often the case, Paul original demo changed very little when recorded by the band. Written with Adam Mitchell, Paul is fond of the song though would prefer more guitars and less keyboards. He's commented, "It's a really good song, but I'm not terribly fond of its sound on the album. There are some songs that I think are absolute crap, but 'Crazy...' isn't one of them" (Classic Rock, 11/2001). Reaching #65 in the US, the August 1987 single can be deemed a failure. A live performance video was filmed at Olympic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, on August 8, 1987 and directed by Jean Pellerin and Doug Freel.

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